Workshop #3


Assisting in Latch: Following Baby's Cues

Workshop Outline

When too much good information is actually too much!

Parents can be so overwhelmed by all the messages they receive from their caregivers. Can our approach to Position and Latch be normalized? Can we can decrease the physical and psychological trauma often experienced by new parents just trying to do what all mammals do so normally? Admittedly there will always be some breastfeeding difficulties but let us come together and work at making it easier. By implementing a more simple plan of care we can all decrease the stress level not only for our clients but also for ourselves as we look at the baby’s innate behavior and activate better client learning skills. By listening, observing and using a less hands on approach, this skills lab will be helpful whether it is the first latch after delivery or for older babies.



1 session available on Friday, October 25, 2019


Workshop #3: 12:30 – 14:30


2 hours 

*Workshop times are subject to change



Attie SandinkRN, IBCLC, CLE

Attie Sandink, is a wife, a mother of four sons, a Registered Nurse, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), a former Labour and Delivery Nurse, Child Birth Educator, Breastfeeding Faculty at CAPPA, a trainer, a friend and owner of Birth & Baby Needs. Her goals are to meet individual client needs without pressure. By using current research, always keeping in mind the natural instinctual behaviour of babies, she helps to empower new parents and professionals by presenting educational seminars and classes. She loves the team approach to supporting families and as such continues to mentor new interns who desire to become IBCLCs. “If we don’t help to educate those who come after us we will never be able to retire” is the quote she keeps as her Meme.

Attie is an ongoing learner and enjoys upgrading her skills and her approach to client care, by attending workshops and online seminars both in Canada and elsewhere. Continuing education stimulates the mind and protects our sense of self.

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