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Membership Testimonials

The notable CLCA members below have a lot of good things to say about the value of CLCA membership, such as, how it can keep you connected to Lactation Consultants across Canada and expand your professional network. 


“I am a CLCA-ACCL member because I value being connected to Lactation Consultants across Canada. I have a passion for the Lactation Consultant professional practice and like to participate in advocating for the development of the profession within the health care field. I believe every small contribution to our profession can help strengthen our practice and standardize lactation care for families across our country. I also benefit from being a CLCA member as families in my area can find me via Find An IBCLC”

Timmins Lactation Services, Ontario

"I am a CLCA member because it provides me the advantage of an amazing connection with the other Canadian lactation consultants ; my clients can contact me easily through the CLCA website,"find an IBCLC" page as well. Being a member of CLCA gives me more confidence to unleash my passion for practicing as an IBCLC. This coming conference provides the best opportunity for all lactation consultants around Canada to support and promote this outstanding health profession.Needless to say,together we can have a positive impact on the future of "Lactation Consultant" career for the sake of our nursing mothers and their babies."

R and R Consulting, Ontario

"I am a CLCA member so that I can connect with colleagues across Canada. The conference gives me the opportunity to connect and share learning experiences while furthering my skills. I also believe the listing in the 'Find A LC' page provides me with credibility to potential clients and colleagues."

Jandy Beresford Breastfeeding and Babywearing Support, Ontario 

"I am a member of CLCA so I can connect to members from all over Canada via the conference. Access to the "Find an IBCLC" registry and access to Clinical Lactation are both important to me when considering where to spend my continuing education dollars!"

International Breastfeeding Centre, Ontario

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