To begin your submission, you will be prompted to create an account. This will require your email address and the creation of a password. Click Create New Account to enter your details. If you have already registered for CLCA2019, you are not required to create a new account to access the Poster Presentation portal, you may log in with the same account used for registration.
Once you are logged into the Poster Presentation portal, click on Edit Contact Information to insert your contact details and ensure the information is accurate. Additional tabs will appear as you progress through the submission process.

Step 1: How to submit my presentation?

  • Have all the information of your Poster Presentation prepared beforehand
  • Corresponding author’s contact details
  • Email address
  • Full postal address
  • Author and coauthors details, full first and family name(s) and email addresses
  • Company/Institution details: Company/Institution name, city, province and country
  • Presenting author’s biography

Your presentation must contain:

  • A succinct title in a single line (maximum 50 words and submitted in all capitals)
  • A list of authors with their Company/Institution. Please identify the first author, or presenting author, by checking off the box, “Presenter”
  • A relevant presentation subject to be chosen from the six CLCA 2019 Conference Topics and its corresponding Subtopic

1) Bodywork for Infants

2) Digital Technology

3) Clinical Practice

4) Product Development

5) Ethics in IBCLC Practice

6) Infant and Child Growth and Development

  • You should prepare the entire contents of your presentation as a single text file (Word, TextEdit, etc.) We strongly recommend that you avoid Greek letters but instead use their text counterparts.
  • Word count is affected when filling the text box, therefore a maximum of 300 words is allowed.
  • A maximum of 2 Graphics/Tables are allowed

Step 2: Presentation Title and Presentation Type

  • Please capitalize your title
  • Titles cannot be longer than 50 words

Step 3: Chose a Topic AND a Subtopic

  • There are six main Topics featured:

1) Bodywork for Infants

2) Digital Technology

3) Clinical Practice

4) Product Development

5) Ethics in IBCLC Practice

6) Infant and Child Growth and Development

  • Please select the correct Topic and Subtopic for your presentation

Step 4: Authors

Prepare the list of authors and coauthors before submitting your presentation. The first author should be the presenting author, if possible, and if not, the presenting author should be indicated.

  • Start by entering all Company/Institution that the presentation is associated with
  • Enter all the authors associated with the presentation. When entering the author’s Company/Institution, please ensure that you use the pink number located on the top left side of the gray box. This number will be linked to the Company/Institution that you are including.

Authors are permitted to have multiple Company/Institutions.

For example, if you include University of Toronto and University of British Columbia. University of Toronto will receive the number 1, and University of British Columbia will receive the number 2.

If you have 5 authors from the University of Toronto, you will include the number 1 below where it asks for Companies/Institutions.

Step 5: Presentation Body upload

The maximum word limit is 300. Tables and figures/graphs are not permitted. Your presentation should outline the aims, contents and conclusions of your paper/presentation.

Step 6: Disclosure

Please include all disclosures related to the Poster Presentation. Failure to submit any disclosures may have your presentation removed from the program.

Step 7: Review

Review your submission to ensure that all details are correct. Any outstanding issues will be noted in red.

Step 8: Submit

Review the Terms and Conditions and click on the checkbox to submit your Poster Presentation. The Terms and Conditions are industry standard and are included to protect the association and the conference from any future liabilities should the Poster Presentations be made in print and/or electronically at the conference and in any future format.

The presentation is automatically registered as a Draft status. As long as you do not click the Submit button, you can change your presentation until the submission deadline by returning to the submission page. Once you have submitted your presentation, no further changes are allowed.

IMPORTANT: Only presentations with a Submitted status will be reviewed after the submission deadline. It is your responsibility to submit your presentations by clicking on the Submit button before the deadline of September 13, 2019.

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