2019 CLCA Board of directors election

Voting for the  2019 CLCA Board of Directors Election took place at the Annual General Meeting on Sunday, October 27, 2019 in Richmond, BC at the CLCA 2019 Conference. Board director terms are two years, beginning January 2020 to December 2021. We are please to congratulate the following future CLCA directors.

President (2020-2021)

Pamela Drynan 
IBCLC, Ontario

Pamela is an RN and IBCLC at Timmins Lactation Services and CLCA’s current Communications Director. She has had the pleasure of serving a two-year term (2018-2019), working amongst amazing and dedicated colleagues within the Board of Directors. During this term, Pamela has been a part of a team that developed a newsletter, adopts more social media connections, and partnerships with LC Educational Institutions. The most exciting action during this term for Pamela was helping to develop the CLCA 2019 Education Conference that has brought not only IBCLC’s together under one roof to learn but many other disciplines that work with breast/chest feeding families. The long hours, hard work, challenging situations helped her build up some callouses to take on the next level of leadership.

Pamela would love the opportunity to represent CLCA as President. CLCA’s current President, Bethany has been an amazing role model to Pamela, she wishes to build on what Bethany has accomplished over the past couple of years.

Pamela is a leader that truly understands the importance of strong leadership to bring creative and innovative ideas to the table by lifting people up, encouraging collaboration, using effective and empathetic communication, and listening to every single person. Because CLCA is nothing without its members.

Treasurer (2020-2021)

Laura Patterson 
IBCLC, Ontario

It was Laura's own struggles with breastfeeding that highlighted the need for more support in this area. Her background is in the pharmaceutical  industry where she felt too far removed from the impact she was making on others Iives to be truly content.  The change to her career came just as Laura was laid off from her job and pregnant with her third child. Like many others before her, she took him to the breastfeeding clinic while she obtained her clinical hours. Just like breastfeeding success, she credits the support of her entire family to reach her goal of becoming an IBCLC. 

She sees families at home pre and post natally in the York, Durham and surrounding areas. She am is staff at the Newman Breastfeeding Clinic in Toronto Ontario.

Laura has a Bachelor of Arts and Science from Athabasca University, and a diploma in Science Laboratory Technology from Fanshawe College. She has been CLCA’s Treasurer Interim from March 2019 to present date and has contributed to the development of the CLCA 2019 conference. Laura hopes to continue her work with the CLCA Board of Directors and supporting Lactation Consultants all over Canada.

Secretary (2020-2021)

Jandy Beresford 
IBCLC, Ontario

Like many lactation consultants, it was Jandy’s own struggles with her first child that inspired her to become an IBCLC. Jandy began attending a  mother to mother support group when her oldest was one week old. She continued attending through her second pregnancy and while she continued nursing her second child. 5 years later, when she began the observation period to become an IBCLC, she stopped. It was the mothers in that group and the IBCLC that ran it that helped her develop her passion from breastfeeding and helping mother reach their individual breastfeeding goals. In 2014 Jandy began the program at the International Breastfeeding Centre and in 2017 she wrote the exam and certified as an IBCLC.

Jandy now has a growing private practice in Durham Region and surrounding areas, she works frequently at the International Breastfeeding Centre helping mothers from all over Ontario, Canada and around the world who come from help there. Jandy also works with the team at Barefoot Health in Ajax. She is also a Babywearing Educator and loves to help parents find the carrier that best fits their family’s needs.

Jandy is active in her local community helping plan National and World Breastfeeding week events and is an active member of the Durham Breastfeeding Coalition serving as the chair from 2012 to 2018.

She graduated from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor of Social Science in Leisure Studies.

She has served on the CLCA Board of Directors since January 1st, 2019 as the Chapters Director and would like to move into a different role for a new challenge. Jandy grew up in Toronto and now lives in Ajax, Ontario with her husband, their 3 children and their dog. 

Communications Director (2020-2021)

Jillian Simon
IBCLC, British Columbia

As a registered midwife and IBCLC Jillian is passionate about supporting families in their plans for chest/breastfeeding. As the owner of a 8 midwifery clinic she has dedicated much time and energy over the past year to developing social media and web-based information for families. The importance of the dissemination of information to new families in multiple platforms is an important element of encouraging breastfeeding. Jillian is keen to help CLCA further develop its communication plans and support Canadian lactation consultants in connecting with families.

Breastfeeding support is Jillian’s biggest passion. She has recently developed an LC program at her local hospital and has presented education rounds to the Birth Centre nurses, doctors and midwives. Jillian holds 3 bachelor's degrees in Linguistics, Education and Midwifery and has been an IBLCE-certified LC for 3 years. She has also completed a diploma program in Editing and Publishing. She has experience in teaching non-native English speakers, curriculum development and in writing patient educational materials.

Jillian hopes to expand her experience and work in lactation in the coming year and she is eager to do more volunteer work with CLCA and other local lactation support services. She has recently reduced her midwifery caseload in order to make room in her schedule in order to engage in more lactation promoting activities. Jillian would be honoured to have the opportunity to serve on the CLCA Board of Directors.

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