Bryna Sampey, IBCLC


1. Introduction to Reflexes and Breastfeeding

A primer in the reflexive nature of breastfeeding. Evaluation of reflexes is within the core competency of the IBCLC and it can make a huge difference in your practice! Reflexes are a window to the internal structure and function of the baby in front of you. Hone your skills and referral quality and improve your clients’ outcomes with a solid foundation of understanding about primitive infant reflexes.

CERP: 1.25 L

2. Moving & Grooving: Use of Movement and Vibration to Facilitate Better Breastfeeding

Movement is often-overlooked in offering babies an opportunity to improve challenges impacting feeding. Vibration offers accessible benefits in muscle tone modulation, and reflex integration. Learn the research behind these important tools for the IBCLC tool box!

CERP: 1.25 L

Bryna is an educator, mentor, lactation consultant and doula. She has been working with families since 2006, becoming IBCLC certified in 2010, and organizing professional education opportunities since 2012. She has undertaken additional training and continuing education in the areas of oral restriction management, Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT), Primitive Reflexes in infants, TummyTime™, cultural congruency and competency, and counseling strategies. Additionally, she specializes in high risk birth work as a doula. Bryna is a member of the queer community and holds a special love for LGBTQIA+ families facing lactation puzzles in their family lives.
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